Monday, November 15, 2010

In progress and a bit of a relization...

This is a painting I started last night it is dedicated to my grandmother and granted she doesnt exactly look like a grandmother but it fits in its own weird way. What inspired me to paint about my grandma you ask? Well last night I was scrapbooking and listening to music and I heard a song, a song I have heard a million times but this time it made me think of my grandma and how much I miss going to her house when I was younger. Yes my grandma is still alive and kickin but she can't live in her home anymore and so I dont get to see her as much. Well when I heard this song it made me think of when I was younger and how much I loves going through her fabric and lace and buttons and always wishing I could sew just like my grandma could. My grandma was an amazing artist, she loved to draw and she loved to sew, she even made two of my prom dresses. I remember looking at her fabric like they were pieces of art and I am sure is why I have a huge box of fabric in the garage. This song made me think of her and made me miss her and therefore I felt the need to paint and so I did, it's not done yet so I will repost when it is.

And now a bit of a revalation/realization that I had last night.... I think I might be done scrapbooking for awhile... It's becoming a chore and something I somewhat dread, I have cards to make for a swap and I just DON'T WANT TO make them at all. What do I want to do? I want to paint, lately all I want to do it paint and I don't have any explnation for it but it is what it is. I love working in my journal I love making little paintings from cardboard and I loved creating something that came from my head and came out onto canvas. I don't know what this means or if it really means anything but it works and I am going to run with it. Thanks for letting me rant now I am so off to bed...

Friday, November 12, 2010

Woah time to update!

I have such a hard time commiting to this blog and I dont know why! I need to try harder, I have my art to share its just getting around to posting it!

Well this week I have been quite the busy bee I made 12 Twilight ATC's , 2 cupcake ATC's, a card, a small painting, and two journal pages and its not even the weekend yet!

November is Art everyday month and I am so going to try to do this and so far so good on Wednesday I made a little painting for a snail mail pal and because I loved it so much it inspired me to journal from it and go deeper into what the mini painting made me feel. In my journal page I was inspired by the blog ABC Creativity and the concept of setting a weekly intention well my intention for this week is to "Be Me" nothing crazy just something I need to work on so my intention for the week is to be me, and be the best "me" I can be!

Here is the journal pages and below it is the painting I am sending to a friend its painted on cardboard!

Also here is a cupcake ATC that I made for a swap and a few Twilight ones as well! Thanks for looking and have a great day!