Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Tuesday Tutorial Smooshy Flowers!

I love making paper and fabric flowers for layouts, cards, etc. So here is just one of the many techniques to make a smooshy paper flower!

What you need:
Thin paper (not cardstock)
buttons, gems, etc
circle punch

Ok to start punch out ten circles

Next stack all ten up

Then cut slits going all the way around the circle

Next unstack circles and restack (sounds silly but they are much flatter if you forget this step)

Then staple in the middle

Next take a deep breathe and start squishing your flower in your hand the more you squish the better it looks!

keep squishing your flower til you get the effect you want

I then dabbed some black ink on my flower, added a button and viola!

Whoo hooo for my first tutorial ever! hopefully that was clear enough for you to follow, and sorry for the blurry pictures my camera is being weird today! Well that is all for me for now, have a great day !


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  1. Sweet flower! TFS I will have to try this!